About Us

SwingBig is a duo that features Dave Borowski on vocals and guitar, and Zeke Hutchison on mandolin. Their music relies heavily on influences drawn from jazz, swing, Western swing, blues, bluegrass, and music from the British Isles.

Dave Borowski has performed in public since 1972. In addition to studio and freelance work, he has been a member of Athens-based bands Close Enough for Jazz, Aces and Eights, the Kings of Hollywood, Deltoid, Common Ground, the Billycats, Zeke’s Fancy, and the Wingnuts. He also currently plays with J.D. Hutchison and Realbilly Jive.

Zeke Hutchison grew up around music, his father and uncle being the core of the nationally-known Hutchison Brothers. Zeke took to the mandolin at an early age. He recently recorded with (Grammy-award-winning artist) Tim O’Brien on his Short Order Sessions. O’Brien writes of Zeke as “one of the best unsung mandolin players in the world.”

Together, SwingBig performs jazz standards from the American Songbook, swing songs from the Django Reinhardt-Charlie Christian Era, country and western swing from the likes of Bob Wills, and just about anything else that might catch their ears.

For a good time, come hear ‘em.